Good Questions & Good Blog Will Get You Noticed

Good Question

Someone asked a great question on a recent blog that I thought would make a good topic.  Jim asked about putting your ‘real’ name on blog posts and blog comments.  He wondered if there were any security issues surrounding this.  Here’s my response…

“To answer your question, no it’s not a dumb question at all! You can feel free to use your real name. Getting your name (& website) on the internet is good for business. Google & other search engines like finding you & your company out there & it should help you get noticed more. So, go ahead & I’d encourage you to put your website link in as well, especially if you have a blog to link to….”

The benefit to social marketing on the internet is to get your name and your company out there to potential clients so you can tell your story.  An active website, blog, and blog comments all help.

Good Blog

We have a great example for you of how a contractor can utilize a blog.   Here’s a blog that one of our webinar clients, Advanced Contracting has begun.  Great job Patty!

Let us know if you’ve started blogging, we’d like to see it.

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