What to Blog? – Good Question

One question we get from contractors often is – “What should I blog about?”
Good question.  Let’s see if I can give you a good answer.

A blog is a new format to share “news”.  What is “news” is pretty subjective, but that’s the beauty of the internet, if you don’t find a blog or website newsworthy, then you don’t have to read it.  That said, if you think something is newsworthy, great, blog about it.

Blog Suggestions for Contractors or Designers –

  • Open House – talk about an upcoming Open House you are hosting
  • Trade Show – tell people where you’ll be, what contest you’re offering, invite them to come by
  • Community Event – talk about one you’re participating in, even if it’s for a favorite charity
  • Post Event – after the event is over, talk about what you did, what was interesting, surprising, or even disappointing
  • “Green” – it’s the new buzz word.  If you’re doing something in this area (a project, your business, your home), talk about it
  • Designers – talk about a particularly nice design feature you’ve done, show pictures, talk about how the client loved it, quote them too
  • How To – talk about a fairly simple home repair or project that homeowners can do, include pictures or video if you’re ready.  It makes you the expert & if they struggle, maybe they’ll call you to take over.
  • You – if nothing else, talk about you & what you’re doing, build a relationship with your future clients.  If they like you, they’ll hire you.

Hopefully these ideas will give you a start.  Go ahead, have fun with it!
Let us know what you’ve blogged about.  We’d love to hear about it.

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