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Wadsworth OH Contractor Tim Englert Interview On Running a Successful Construction Company

Discover Business Success Tips From a Seasoned Contractor In a recent visit to Wadsworth Ohio, Dan Baumann with had a chance to do an interview with Tim Englert. We did this interview for fun and considering that neither of us knows much about cameras, it turned out ok. Tim Englert shares some of the things […]

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Universal Design Expert, Ron Moldenhauer

ONE DOOR CLOSES AND ANOTHER OPENS! When people are searching for or building their “last home”, very little thought goes into their future needs. Nevertheless, their needs will and do change as they age, sometimes quicker than we could even envision. I, as an example, was a healthy, active, and successful architectural designer/builder for 20 […]

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What to Blog? – Good Question

One question we get from contractors often is – “What should I blog about?” Good question. Let’s see if I can give you a good answer. A blog is a new format to share “news”. What is “news” is pretty subjective, but that’s the beauty of the internet, if you don’t find a blog or […]

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Why People Buy From You? Why Now?

That’s really the only questions between you and a sale. If someone is going to buy from you, is it because you’re the cheapest? That’s a hard thing to maintain. There better be a more sustainable reason than that. If they’re going to buy from you today, is it because you’re in proximity, the closest, […]

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Has Your Web Designer Disappeared?

A strange phenomena has been spreading like a virus over the past few months. Recently I’ve learned from some people that their website designer has “disappeared.” No return phone calls, unanswered emails. Gone, gone, gone. Kidnapping? Hardly. When the economy gets tough, many website designers (small business owners themselves) simply go out of business…

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