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Construction industry books to help with sales and marketing

Create Profitable Relationships With Your Subcontractors

The Sub-Contractor Manual is designed to assist General Contractors by clarifying the working relationship between them and their subcontractors. The package includes an manual describing company policies, standards and payment procedures. After appropriately customizing for your company, this manual can be given to every subcontractor you work with, describing clearly your commitment to them and […]

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Creating a Custom Employee Manual Book & CD

A well-written and legal employee manual is the most effective way to inform employees about your workplace rules and prevent employment problems and misunderstandings in your construction business. This Employee Manual consists of over 100 policies designed for the construction industry. You receive a word-processing document (in Rich Text Format, useable by most word processors). […]

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Contractor’s Profitable Sales Book & DVD

Michael’s 6-hour class provides valuable tools for any general or specialty construction business. Topics include taking a lead over the phone, sales calls, employing a salesperson, addressing your customer’s three fears, and knowing the four basic questions you must have answered to make the sale. The four basic questions are designed to stop “time-wasters”, clients […]

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