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Chief Architect is a world class design tool that will help you save time and make more money. Discover just how powerful you can become with the Chief Architect Training DVDs from ChiefExperts.com

“Step-By-Step, Practical Techniques from an Expert! Discover Effective, Efficient, and Easy Methods to Create Real-World Plans with Chief Architect… Guaranteed!

How much time could you save if you really understood how Chief works? Imagine the positive impressions you could make on your clients that would result in more sales.

Chief Architect – It’s easy to get started with but tough to know how it really works. If you’re like many who struggle to understand how to create great 3D models and detailed working drawing in Chief, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not alone.

What if you could reduce or eliminate the frustrations associated with laying out a plan, creating platforms, adding roofs, and creating working drawings? What if you could confidently sit with your client and work together on their plan?

Imagine having thousands of hours of expert user knowledge at your fingertips. Advice that’s available to you 24/7. Searchable, clear and concise information that you can access anytime, getting answers to individual questions or learning Chief in a structured format.

Spend as little as an hour a day for 30 days practicing the techniques while working on your plans and you’ll discover a dramatic increase in your understanding of Chief.

Produced by Chief Architect Certified Trainer Dan Baumann

Chief X2 Workshop DVD

30 hours, 15 Classes, Handouts & SamplesChief Architect X2 Training DVD by ChiefExperts.com
On Sale Save $100.00 Now Only $97.00
View the Complete X2 DVD Contents PDF

Save, File Mngmnt, Template, Symbol, Text
Dimensioning, Starting, As-Built VS New
Walls and Rooms
Platforms, Pony Walls, Stairs
Windows, Doors and Cabinets
Chief CAD Tools
Roofs – Part 1
Roofs – Part 2
Importing and Terrain
3D Slabs and Moldings
Lighting, Electrical and Rendering
2D and 3D Framing
Layers and Layer Sets
Layout Pages and Working Drawings

X2 Workshops on DVD – Normally $197
Now On Sale For Only $97

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X2 Workshops on DVD for Chief Architect and the
Chief Architect X1 Training & Discover Your Design Potential DVD
Normally $394
Now On Sale For Only $177

Discovering Your Design Potential & Chief Architect X1 Training DVD

62 topics, 72 hours, 967 segments, 5 minChief Architect X1 Training DVD by CHiefExperts.com
Includes handouts, samples and templates
On Sale Save $100.00 Now Only $97.00
Detailed PDF Index of the DVD Contents

Chief Architect X1 Training Series

01A – Intro, Templates, Updates, Content
01B – File Mgmt, Templates, Copy, Menus, Text
02A – Setting Preferences and F Key Functions
02B – Keystrokes, Text, Defaults, Templates
03A – Introduction to Dimensioning and Walls
03B – Working with Dimensions
04A – Working with Walls Part 1
04B – Working with Walls Part 2
05A – Working with Walls Part 3
05B – Working with Platforms
06A – Drawing a Split Level, Split Entry
06B – Working with Stairs
07A – Working with Layers
07B – Working with Layers Part 2
08A – Introduction to Windows and Doors
08B – Windows and Doors – Part 2
09A – Introduction to Cabinets
10A – Introduction to Roofs Part 1
10B – Introduction to Roofs Part 2
11A – Automatic Roofs – Part 3
11B – Working with Roofs Part 4
12A – Working with Manual Roofs Part 5
12B – Working with Manual Roofs Part 6
13A – Working with Slabs
13B – Working with Molding Polylines
14A – Working with Plot Plans
14B – Working with Terrain
15A – Images, Views
15B – Working with Rendering
16A – Working with CAD Tools
16B – Working with CAD Tools Part 2
17A – 2D and 3D Framing
17B – Working with Framing
18A – Layer Set Review, Layout Pages
18B – Layout Pages

Chief Architect X1 – Working Drawings

1. Discovering Who You’re Drawing For and What They Want
2. Setting Up and Starting the Plan and Layout Pages
3. Picking Up Speed in Chief Using The 2D CAD Tools
4. Picking Up Speed in Chief – Mega Tips Using Chief X1 Tools
6. Cleaning Up Your Plan and Adding Details
7. Creating the Construction Details and Cross Sections
8. Finalizing the Plan – Completing the 2D CAD Details

Chief Architect X1 Working with Graphics 4 Parts

1. Introduction for Graphics with Chief
2. Placing a Product Image in a Plan with a Web Link
3. Hyperlink Items in the Plan to a Website
4. Capturing a Picture to Put on a TV in Your Plan
5. Setting Up the 3D View Backdrop
6. Matching the Clients Paint Color in a Plan
7. Copy an image from the internet for a Material
8. Using the Custom PAT. Pattern Files
9. Adding Materials to Walls
10. Setting the Pattern Scale Factor for a Material
11. Changing Wall Material Back to Default
12. Creating Libraries from Textures
13. Using Pictures or Doors in Your Plan
14. Adding a Picture of a Fireplace to Your Plan
15. Redline the Computer Screen
16. Save Redline Screens as JPG or Email
17. Capture Screens with Chiefs Tools
18. Create a Screen Material Using a Pattern Line
19. How to add Formatted Text to a Plan
20. Send Pictures to a Layout In Chief
21. Change the Color of a Chief Siding Material
22. Combine 2 or More Photos into one
23. Creating a Panoramic Backdrop for Chief
24. Create Plan Materials Library to Send with Plan
25. Introduction for Graphics with Chief
26. Import a Picture of a Plot Plan and Trace Over
27. Adding Contour Lines
28. Sending Photos to Clients in PDF File
29. Creating a Slide Show
30. Superimpose Rendered Building on a Photo
31. Applying Special Effects to Rendering
32. Creating a Hand-drawn Sketch using CadWizz
33. Adding People Pictures to a TV
34. Adding People Images Standing is a Room
35. Adding a Logo or Job Sign to the Plan

Chief Architect X1 Creating the Split Level

1. Split Level in Chief Architect X1 – Overview
2. Split Level in Chief Architect X1 – Walls, Ceilings, Garage
3. Split Level in Chief Architect X1 – Stairs, Foundation, Terrain
4. Split Level in Chief Architect X1 – Platforms
5. Split Level in Chief Architect X1 – Layers, As-Built, Misc.

Individual Productivity Workshops

Creating the As-Built Plan – Process and Procedures
Creating the As-Built Plan – Using Chief
Platforms and Levels in Chief
Working with Automatic Roofs in Chief Part 1
Working with Manual Roofs in Chief Part 2
Adding 3D Framing to Your Plan
Tips to Draw Plans Faster
Tips for Layouts and Working Drawings
Selling and Profiting from Your Design Business
Making Project Design a Profit Center
Use of Chief in Your Business – Open Forum

Chief Architect X1 Training & Discover Your Design Potential DVD
Normally $197
Now On Sale For Only $97

Bundle and Save!
X2 Workshops on DVD for Chief Architect and the
Chief Architect X1 Training & Discover Your Design Potential DVD
Normally $394
Now On Sale For Only $177

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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