Do You Really Need a Website in Your Business?

Can a website make that much difference in your company?

It really doesn’t matter what the economic climate is. If you’re not online, you are losing business to your competition who is.

Remember 10 years ago? When you needed a service or product, you would go to the yellow pages and find what you were looking for. How about today? If you’re like most consumers, you probably open your computer and search online for information. You can bet that your potential customers are doing the same thing.

Ask yourself –

  • Are the people looking for the services you offer able to find you online?
  • Do you have a website or want to improve what you already have?
  • Has it been a couple of years since you updated your site?
  • Do you know how search engines work?

In the 17 minute video below, you’ll get some tips about how your website can become a better source of leads for your company.


I’m not going to mince words here – You have to have a website and you have to get involved online if you really want to be found on the internet. Best of all, it’s really not that hard to do.

How much time did you spend marketing your business in the last few months? Did all of that marketing drive people to your website? You need to get every advantage you can today and your website must be a large part of it.

The web is here to stay people! Get on it and get involved in it. Your efforts will be rewarded for years to come.

Good luck with your internet marketing strategy and website!

Dan Baumann

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