Fast Track Estimating Software

 Fast Tract Construction Estimating SoftwareThe Fast Track Estimating software provides a fast, easy way to produce an accurate estimate and material purchase list.

The heart of the system is the database of typical residential construction tasks based on the unit costing model. In this estimating method, the components of the job are estimated in units such as lineal feet or square feet or on a “per item” basis.

For example, 20 lineal feet of exterior load bearing wall, or 400 square feet of 4″ concrete slab, or one 6’0″ by 6’8″ double door.

The estimating process is simple. Select items from the assembly database to include in the estimate. As assemblies are added, the standard cost for material, labor, sub-contractor and other cost is assumed. Each item can be adjusted if desired to reflect a non-standard cost.

You can build templates for common jobs, clone existing estimates, adjust assembly prices and markups as needed and enter several different tax codes. When you’re done, a variety of reports are available, including Material purchase lists and labor reports. Help screens are available at every step.

The software is flexible, making it easy to deal with the variety of jobs common in construction. The software was designed by Michael Stone, Construction Programs & Results, a contractor and business coach who has taught estimating in 40 states and Canada.

Read this note from a user:

I just started my own contracting company two months ago and was looking for some help. I stumbled across a couple of software programs that were inexpensive for beginning contractors but found that they were very complex to figure out and did not have any flexibility. Then I came across Fast Track Estimating. I was nervous about spending the money because of the other software I had wasted money on. But I’m glad I decided to go ahead and order your software. Fast Track Estimating is not perfect for me but the flexibility allows me to customize it to my needs and I like that.

Thank you for providing such a great tool for contractors. Seeing that the program was so well thought out, I decided to buy your book as well, “Markup & Profit; A Contractor’s Guide”. It came in the mail today and I can’t put it down . . . I’m learning so much.

Thank you!
Cameron Brown

Fast Track Estimating software requires Windows 2000 or XP with enough memory to run the operating system smoothly. Older machines with upgraded operating systems might not be able to use this software satisfactorily. Minimum screen resolution, 800 x 600.

Along with receiving a CD in the mail, you will receive a link to download the software.

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