Great Post Card Marketing Help

If you’re looking to jump start your marketing (and who isn’t), there’s a company that I want to tell you about – Postcard Mania.

We first identified them as a resource for direct mail marketing for contractors. They offer outstanding industry specific marketing pieces, free post card samples, free marketing newsletter, free marketing advice like this: “Ten Ways To Grow Your Home Improvement and Remodeling Business Using Direct Mail“, website design services, and really interesting weekly emails. I mean it, they send a great email. This is where I discovered their post card design critiques.

I really enjoy watching and have learned a lot from their post card design critiques. Anyone can send them a sample post card (or marketing brochure) and ask for their critique. They are very honest about what they like and don’t like about the design, pictures, wording, logos, etc. Watch the post card design critique videos here. You do need to register (for free) on their site to view them, but it’s very easy and you get access to tons of other marketing information.

You can learn a lot by watching a few of these and then apply that same critical eye to your own marketing pieces or you can always send them your piece and see if they’ll critique it for you.

You should check out Postcard Mania, whether you’re looking for a direct mail service, marketing advice, marketing ideas, or an honest critique of your marketing pieces. They really seem to know what they’re talking about and in these tough times, we all need to be smarter in our marketing.

Good luck with your marketing!

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