Markup and Profit, A Contractor’s Business Profit Guide – Book & DVD

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Markup and Profit for Contractors

The Markup & Profit package is designed to help contractors like you make more money. We do this by changing your way of thinking from that of a mechanic into thinking like a successful business person in the construction industry. This package contains the tools you need to make more money in a construction-related business.

Our goal is to focus the people, policies and procedures of your company on making money instead of just making a living.

The package is the six hours of DVD video taped release of Michael Stone’s seminar, “Markup & Profit: A Contractor’s Guide.” The seminar has been attended by over 6,000 contractors in 76 cities.

In This Package You Will Discover…

  • Running Your Business
  • Why trying to be “competitive” is sure disaster for your company
  • Why you should never, never do “Cost Plus” or “Time & Material” jobs
  • How to avoid the “bad” or tough customer
  • Which is better, employees or subcontracting your work
  • The five things you must do when a GOOD job goes “BAD”
  • Why working on the job is not profitable in most cases
  • Why you should not do both New Home Construction and Remodeling
  • Working with Architects and Designers
  • Who makes up the most profitable construction companies
  • How to deal with requests for “itemization” of your estimates
  • How to eliminate billing and invoicing and get paid on time
  • Establishing the Correct “Numbers” for Your Business
  • How to set a “budget” for your company
  • Establishing correct Overhead percentages
  • Establishing your “Monthly” overhead
  • Why Overhead goes up, not “down” as your volume of sales increases
  • How to set correct Profit Margins for your company
  • How to Establish the correct MARKUP for your company
  • Establishing an Operating Capital Reserve Account (OCRA)
  • How to adjust your sales volume or MARKUP for an Unbudgeted Expense
  • Mathematical formulas for your business that work
  • Should you rent or buy that new tool or piece of equipment
  • The Value of Your Time in Dollars & Cents
  • A yardstick for making money in construction
  • A markup formula that will “COST” you money
  • Why Markup is more profitable than “Margins”
  • Early warning signs of financial problems in your company
  • How to use a “Sliding Scale” markup
  • Developing your monthly cash flow projections


  • Correct number of employees for your company
  • How to pay your employees for the work they do
  • Minimum volume of work produced per employee of your company
  • How to find good employees

Legal Issues You Might Face

  • Judges only allowing the “industry standard” of your cost plus 10% on contracts
  • Judges awarding the difference between allowance amounts and actual job costs to your customer!
  • What you must include in a design/build contract
  • General and Subcontractor Relationships
  • Contracts between Generals and Subs
  • How subs should be paid and when

Additional Work Orders

  • Additional Work Orders, how and when to use them
  • How to get your employees to use Additional Work Orders
  • Setting the correct markup on Additional Work Orders

“Handyman” Services

  • How to establish the “rates” per hour for your handyman type jobs
  • Distinguishing between “handyman” and “fixed-figure” contracts
  • How to write a “handyman” contract
  • How to make sure you get paid on “handyman” jobs


  • Why education is your most important tool
  • Where to go for good educational materials
  • Franchises, are they for you


“I have been to quite a number of business seminars over the years, and I usually come away disappointed in that I often feel I know more about the subject than the speaker.

Your seminar was the only one I have attended in 35 years where I was literally blown away. Your in-depth REALISTIC view of contracting was not only amazingly accurate, but in the span of about 7 hours I learned more about what I should be doing than my previous 10 years in the business.

Your book and seminar should be required by all who enter or aspire to enter the contracting business. If only I had been to your seminar 3 or 4 years ago, I would probably be much better off financially today.”

Contractor in Plainview, New York

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