How to Create Estimates for Building Projects That Makes Sense

Profitable Estimating Training DVD

Profitable Estimating Training DVD

An accurate estimate is the first step in selling and building a profitable job. Without an accurate estimate, you can’t develop the appropriate sales price for any job, the sales price that allows you to pay all your job costs, cover your overhead expenses and make a profit. Knowing how to estimate a construction job is critical for any remodeling, renovation, or specialty contractor.

These construction estimating training classes on DVD walk you through the process of estimating a construction job. The classes are primarily designed for remodeling and renovation contractors, although the skills taught will apply to any specialty.

As you progress through six different projects, each one more detailed, Michael discusses:

  • How to interpret plans as they relate to the existing building
  • Recognizing when plumbing or electrical systems need to be resized
  • The presence of asbestos or lead
  • Load-bearing walls that need to be braced or cribbed
  • When a temporary job cover will be needed, and types of cover to consider
  • Temporary facilities required for a family living in the building
  • Job staging to accommodate the needs of a family
  • Clean-up expenses
  • Knowing your inspection climate
  • Job scheduling
  • And much more

The Profitable Estimating class is 12 hours of training, but watching the videos won’t make you an expert estimator. The ability to estimate a construction job is a skill developed with practice. That’s why we provide copies of the blueprints for each job, along with numerous photos, and encourage you to work through each estimate.

The Profitable Estimating training classes are available in DVD format for viewing on your computer and can also be viewed online. Upon purchase, you will receive a username and password to access the classes immediately while you wait for the DVD package in the mail. We’ve included all the forms you need, along with a number of checklists. These forms and checklists will become your basic tools for all your estimates long after you’re finished with the classes.

Forms provided include:

  • Checklists for kitchens, baths, additions and whole house remodels
  • Pre-sales call checklist
  • New Job checklist
  • Post job checklist
  • Punch list agreement
  • Selection lists for kitchens, baths, additions and whole house remodels

You will see each estimate compiled by hand (pen and paper) and using the Fast Track Estimating software. If you use a different estimating software, that’s okay. The classes teaches a system, a mindset, that works regardless of how the final estimate is compiled.

Michael Stone has taught estimating to contractors in 44 different states and Canada.

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