Contractor’s Profitable Sales Book & DVD

Profitable Sales for ContractorsMichael’s 6-hour class provides valuable tools for any general or specialty construction business. Topics include taking a lead over the phone, sales calls, employing a salesperson, addressing your customer’s three fears, and knowing the four basic questions you must have answered to make the sale.

The four basic questions are designed to stop “time-wasters”, clients who aren’t serious about their project and who keep you from the serious, profitable jobs that deserve your time and focus.

Michael also discusses becoming the “Contractor of Choice” as a means to address the frequently heard argument about getting 3 bids. The “Contractor of Choice” educates clients on the value of hiring a responsible contractor, as opposed to bidding for the cheapest contractor.

Students in the class (all of whom own a construction business or work in the industry) pose challenging, unscripted questions in an excellent Q&A segment near the end of this class. At almost 6-hours, the DVD’s are a valuable supplement to the book, “Profitable Sales, A Contractor’s Guide”

  • professionally represent your company
  • determine if a lead is worth your time
  • establish ground rules with a potential client
  • address the fears of every potential client
  • successfully ask the questions you must have answered, and understand how they relate to those fears
  • navigate through design agreements, letters of intent, and other documents
  • help clients make selections
  • turn a cancellation into a positive event
  • find, train, motivate and compensate sales staff
  • and much more

Package includes the Book – Profitable Sales, A Contractor’s Guide

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