Create Profitable Relationships With Your Subcontractors

Sub-Contractor Manual for Contractors

Sub-Contractor Manual for Contractors

The Sub-Contractor Manual is designed to assist General Contractors by clarifying the working relationship between them and their subcontractors.

The package includes an manual describing company policies, standards and payment procedures. After appropriately customizing for your company, this manual can be given to every subcontractor you work with, describing clearly your commitment to them and what you expect from their commitment to you.

Forms are included. Review the Table of Contents and Sample Language, and learn more on how to use your manual using the links at the left.

The Subcontractor Manual is a word-processing document, making it easy to customize with your company name and specific policies. It is available as a download or on CD. If you wish, you can also order a sample printed manual for reference. 

By setting guidelines on how the General and Sub-contractor will perform their services, both parties know what to expect. The manual is a win-win document for both parties.

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