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I’ve talked with some of my fellow consultants and many contractors recently and it’s become obvious that with the hard times that we’re experiencing many of you have slashed your education and marketing budgets. Don’t to it.

The successful contractors that are staying busy during this downturn have a common thread as to why they are busy. They continue with their education and increase (not decrease) their marketing budget. If you don’t stay on top of things and don’t get the word out that you’re not a well kept secret how can you expect to get new leads coming in.

These contractors are good at thinking “Outside of the Box” I’m sure many of you have heard this term and it goes with an article I did a few weeks back called “Prime the Pump” I know these are simply clichés but when times are tough sometimes these silly sayings will spark some imaginative thinking.

So when you’re struggling coming up with new ideas that can spur some business think about the  “9 Dots”.  See if you have what it takes. Draw 9 dots on a piece of paper like the illustration. Now connect all 9 dots using 4 lines without raising your pencil off the paper. (Hint – think outside of the box)

Connect the 9 Dots with 4 Lines without raising your pencil

Connect the 9 Dots with 4 Lines without raising your pencil

Now go ahead and watch the short video I put together and then come back and make a comment about some of the ways that you are “Thinking Outside of the Box” in your business. Let’s get this thread going with lots of good ideas.

Also try searching “Think Outside the Box” You’ll get some great articles.

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