Universal Design Expert, Ron Moldenhauer


When people are searching for or building their “last home”, very little thought goes into their future needs. Nevertheless, their needs will and do change as they age, sometimes quicker than we could even envision. I, as an example, was a healthy, active, and successful architectural designer/builder for 20 years. Traveling the world, living in the Caribbean for 12 years, windsurfing with Team U.S.A. V.I., climbing and doing everything a middle-aged man could do and however, while in the states to visit my parents, in a single moment due to a car accident, I now find myself a paraplegic in a wheelchair for the remainder of my life. My parents’ home was not accessible to my needs. Living in a split-level home, I was confined to one downstairs family room with no access to any facilities.

I found not only was my home inaccessible, but what kind of disservice had I done to my previous clients in the past!

From then on, I made it my goal to make sure that the doors were open for all of my clients. I became an advocate for the Universal Design Principles and often speak publicly on the subject. Now, years later, I serve on the Board of Directors at the Southwest Center for Independent Living (www.swcil.org), which deals with disabilities of all kinds as well as advocacy issues. I also serve on the board’s Advisory Committee of Our House Foundation (http://www.ourhousefoundation.org), putting together a transitional housing community for disabled veterans coming home from the Middle East. I recently joined the Missouri SILC Housing Committee that hosts the Annual Universal Design Housing conference and had a chance to be a speaker at the conference in Springfield, MO.

Most people’s physical needs change more slowly, but they do change!

Universal Design, Barrier Free Design, Aging in Place and these marketing phrases are becoming increasingly popular as six million people in the U.S. turn 65 years old each year! What are these mean? They assure homes that fit your needs for today and tomorrow. These homes will be designed and built to a buyer’s needs emphasizing safety, ease of use, adaptability and just as importantly, cost.

We are available to review plans and suggest modifications to truly make your plans usable for your client today as well as tomorrow.

Do your clients a service they will appreciate as they grow older and possibly lose their mobility, sight, hearing or experience any other type of disability.

Email: ron@barrierfreedesigns.com
Phone: 1-888-201-5418 ext #2
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